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Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of International AIDS Awareness Posters

The rampant spread of the HIV/AIDS virus over the past 29 years has created the most significant global public health crisis in modern history.

Despite the complexity and scale of the epidemic, there is still a lack of worldwide strategies to lead AIDS education.

AIDS education in many countries is still shouldered, to a great extent, by government agencies and grassroots organizations led by community activists who are often motivated local citizens.

Ever since the AIDS epidemic struck, the responsibility of educating the world's public has gained dramatically in significance.

In many countries, the poster as a medium of information was unknown before the emergence and identification of the HIV virus.

With a disease involving sexuality and sexual behavior, and therefore social and moral issues deeply rooted in culture and tradition, messages to raise awareness and encourage preventative behavior have varied significantly to best serve the intended audience.

The poster has played a special role in promoting AIDS awareness and safe sex education across cultures-different aims, messages, visual metaphors, and strategies have strongly influenced the content and design of AIDS posters.

Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of International AIDS Awareness Posters 1985-2010 draws upon James Lapides' extensive archive of international AIDS Awareness posters along with posters generously donated to Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

A cohesive selection of 153 posters presents an insightful overview of diverse visual strategies employed by many different countries working within their own distinctive cultural perspective in response to the subject of AIDS as a public health emergency.

Applied Arts announces 2010 Design Awards winners

The design awards winners for the 2010 edition of Applied Arts Awards have been announced. Among the professionals from around the world selected in this competition is Rethink Communications for its design of the Design Currency:Icograda Design Week in Vancouver 2010 identity.

Applied Arts Awards programs are an invaluable opportunity for designers to promote their work to an audience of the best and brightest of our industry, as well as potential clients. With two decades of awards experience, the Applied Arts Awards are one of the industry's most prestigious recognitions of creative excellence.

Winners and their winning work receive extensive media exposure:
  • In the highly-anticipated annual Design & Advertising Awards issue, complete with full credits, publishing November 2010. This gorgeous reference is kept and read by the Applied Arts readership of 46,000.
  • On the very popular Design & Advertising Awards Winners gallery, which attracts more than 300,000 visitors annually.
  • At the well-attended Winners' Exhibit in Toronto, with an exclusive invitation-only opening reception for senior design and advertising creatives, as well as your fellow winners.
  • Lastly, all winners will receive a suitable-for-framing Applied Arts Winners Certificate, an enduring testament to your accomplishment.

Each entry is judged by an independent panel of highly regarded industry professionals and experts, based on creative merit, technical excellence and suitability for end use. Discussion is not permitted and judges cannot vote on their own work.

To see the winning designs, visit the Applied Arts website:

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Winners of the Crafting Excellence Competition

With the introduction of industrialization and mass production, people have forgotten how to make things by hand.

For this reason, UNESCO developed the Award of Excellence for Handicrafts program to ensure that handicrafts remain relevant, valuable, and marketable in today's changing world.

Every year, UNESCO presents the Award of Excellence to distinguished craft producers who link tradition, innovation and sustainability.

UNESCO and Design 21 announced the winners of the Crafting Excellence logo competition to raise awareness for the Award of Excellence for Handicrafts.

After reviewing nearly 700 entries from 80 countries, the jury awarded $5,000 to three designers: Anna Trzebska from Poland; Marilena Florio from Italy and Nikou Alexandros from Greece.

The Most Popular vote was also given to Albert Hardiman Tejasukmana from Indonesia.


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The winners of the Pentawards 2010:

About the Best of the Show – Diamond Pentaward 2010

This astonishing and creative HOYU3210 bottles are the work of designers from ADK, a major Japanese communication agency created in 1956, now present everywhere in the world, and a member of the WPP group.
HOYU3210 – countdown to beauty – is a range of products of HOYU, a company specialising in hair and hairdressing products. Created in 1905, HOYU has never ceased to innovate and to offer Japanese customers, who are among the most demanding in the world, exceptional products… in exceptional packaging.
3210 refers to a countdown to indicate what the product has to offer consumers, in a few seconds, even with the stress of the last finishing touches before going out, the ideal solution for a really perfect hairstyle.
The distinctly original and ideally ergonomic shape of the bottles leaves the usual codes behind to stand out among all its competitors. The designer confesses that he did not use a computer to create these ever so particular forms. His tools were his hands, the earth to be moulded, the file and sandpaper.
To be sure, the computer did play its role when the design went into production, but the initial form, as can be appreciated at first glance, owes its fundamental aestheticism to the artist’s hand, to his pure creative emotion.
The chosen colours, black and white, and transparency, reinforce the simplicity and the purity of the packaging.
It is odds on that these bottles will not wind up being recycled, but will be kept as decorative objects in bath rooms and will soon find their way to exhibitions and museums devoted to design.

See all the winner here:

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Positive Posters announces 2010 finalists

Melbourne (Australia) - After a week of so of speculation, the 2010 finalists for Positive Posters have been announced. This annual design competition aims is to inspire individuals and make a positive difference in the lives of people everywhere.

This year, designers worldwide were asked to respond to the theme of "A Glass half full." The event organisers couldn't be more happy with the quality of the finalists.

The finalists (in order of submission date):

* Rich Smith (England)
* Woo Jin Lee (South Korea)
* James Smart (UK)
* Kayla Turner (USA)
* Ipek Turk (Australia)
* Tuan Tuan (Hong Kong)
* Ron Whitfeild (Australia)
* Damon Armstrong-Porter (Australia)
* Mike Nguyen (Australia)
* Cecilie Larssen Lonning (Norway)
* Tim Swainson (Thailand)
* China Stylus (Hong Kong)
* Hilary Sloane (Australia)
* Amelia Ericksen (Australia)
* Peter Fong (Australia)
* Quentin Brown (Australia)
* Tom Shanahan (Australia)
* Gus Beeforth (Australia)
* Micah Scott (Australia)
* Jeremy Arnold (Australia)
* Nicholas Cary (Australia)
* Sam Ziino (Australia)
* Peter Borg (Australia)
* Wolfgang Steinbauer (Austria)
* Jesse Mallon (Australia)
* Mike Witcombe (Australia)
* Terry Chisholm (New Zealand)
* Hailey McKenzie (Australia)
* Carlo Mussett (Australia)

View the finalists' work in the online gallery:

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Good 50X70 2010 posters selected

Milano (Italy) – The Good 50x70 jury has finished its deliberations and selected the 210 posters among the submissions received in response to the call for entries. Participation in Good 50x70 has been growing steadily over the years, demonstrating greater awareness and passion for social change and for the message chosen by their partner organisations. In the current edition,
Good 50x70 received 2357 posters coming from 70 countries around the world.

The 210 posters include 30 from each of the seven briefs promoted for 2010:

* Play for Africa (Endorsed by AMREF)
* Freedom to travel (Endorsed by LILA)
* Take action against mafias (Endorsed by “LIBERA, Associations, names and numbers against mafias”)
* Whale shortage: a sanctuary empties by the day (Endorsed by GREENPEACE)
* The uncertainty of the cure (Endorsed by EMERGENCY)
* For a path out of poverty, take the human rights route (Endorsed by AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL)
* Year of the Tiger (Endorsed by WWF)

As Good 50x70 has gained more visibility, this year, the exhibition will be held in a public display in the centre of Milan from via Dante to piazza Cordusio. Additionally, the project Good 50x70 will also be running in Istanbul, Turkey, where our association will run a workshop from Wednesday, 29 September to Sunday, 3 October 2010.


Golden Bee 9 Laureates announced

Moscow (Russian Federation) - On 2 September 2010, the laureates for the Golden Bee 9, Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design, were announced at the Central House of Artists Concert Hall.

The winners of the current edition of the international, Icograda-endorsed award scheme are:

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Positive Posters

Positive Posters is an international poster competition that publishes positive design in and around city streets all over the world. The aim is to inspire individuals and make a positive difference in the lives of people everywhere. The competition was started in March 2009 from Melbourne, receiving 339 entries from 53 countries in its inaugural year, and bill posted the winning entry over 3000 times within Melbourne, with the hope it would make people smile. It worked.

Founded by Nick Hallam, the competition set out to show that graphic design can help people, and to connect the work of graphic designers with the wider community.

Call for entries
2010 is here, and this year's theme is, "A Glass half full." Those who succeed in life are often those who manage to see the world optimistically and value the opportunities that it provides them with. This year, we would like the graphic design community to respond to this theme, so that this important message of optimism can be visually spread across our global community.

The annual Positive Poster competition is open to all designers worldwide (whether student, professional or otherwise). Entry is Free, however donation entry is encouraged. Only one poster per entity may be submitted.

Submission details
1. Design a poster responding to the theme, "A Glass half full."
2. Upload a 72dpi version of a portrait A3 (210 x 420mm) poster by 5pm AEST 10 September 2010 to It must be in CMYK and .jpeg formats. Please design all artwork at A1 (594 x 841mm), 300dpi for final submission.
3. Submit a rationale describing how your design solution answers the brief with a maximum of 100 words.

As each entry is submitted they will be approved by our submissions coordinator and uploaded to our online gallery.

Deadline for submissions
10 September 2010, 17:00 AEST

Selection of winner
After 10 September, Positive Posters will review the entries and shortlist 30 posters for inclusion in the exhibition. From this shortlist, our five international judges will choose first, second and third place winning entries.

International Jury
Michel Bouvet France
Bobby Solomon United States of America
David Pidgeon Australia
Michaela Webb Australia
Dean Poole New Zealand
Rico Lins Brazil

Announcement of winner and exhibition
Results of the competition will officially be announced on October 12 at the Exhibition Launch at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, and published on

Where: No Vacancy, QV complex, Melbourne, Australia.
When: 12-19 October 2010

Winning entrant receives Adobe Creative Suite Standard CS5 and a Wacom Intuos 4 drawing tablet valued together at $2550.


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Posters selected for Golden Bee 9: Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design

Moscow (Russia) - Designers from 50 countries around the world have been selected by the Pre-Selection Committee to take part in Golden Bee 9. These works will be on display in the Central House of Artists from 25 August - 3 September 2010.

Organised in part by the Academy of Graphic Design, Golden Bee - Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design, collects the best world achievements in graphic design. For this edition, individuals and groups of artists were invited to submit an unlimited number of works under the categories of Poster, Graphic Design and Music, Graphic Design and Religion, Graphic Design and New Media and Special project 'All Gold of the World'.

This year's Pre-Selection Committee consisted of:

* Galina Bunina, Russia
* Yuri Gulitov, Russia
* Elena Kitaeva, Russia
* Tagir Safaev, Russia
* Olga Severina, Ukraine
* Nikolay Shtok, Ukraine
* Alexander Sinyagin, Russia
* Yuri Surkov, Russia
* Boris Trofimov, Russia
* Arkady Troyanker, Russia
* Ilya Yudovich, Russia

From the full list of designers, Golden Bee Grand Prix and Golden Bee Award Diplomas will be awarded for each category as well as special awards such as the Russian Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Graphic Design Diplomas, Rodchenko Award, Golden BeeLoved Super Cup, IBCC Prize, etc.

Prizes will be awarded by the International Jury, composed of:

* Igor Gurovich, Russia
* Dylan Kendle, United Kingdom
* Stefan Sagmeister, United States
* Ahn Sang-Soo, South Korea
* Niklaus Troxler, Switzerland
* Catherine Zask, France

As part of a full programme of events, the Awards Ceremony will take place on 2 September 2010 at 20:00 at the Central House of Artists Concert Hall.

Find out more at:

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Mother Tongue

Language is not only a product of human life – it is a pre-requisite that humans require to form relationships. As a fundamental form of expression, language binds us together.

A language can be visual – made up of complex ideas of truth deeply rooted in symbols, custom and imagery. Mother Tongue is about the power of language – verbal and visual, formal and informal. First language. Native language. It honours languages at risk of being lost in our globalising society and those that have survived the forces of colonisation.

Mother Tongue is a healing process – stimulating creative dialogue between indigenous and non-indigenous designers, students of design, poets and writers. Mother Tongue is a cross-cultural platform to open discussion around the role of contemporary indigenous design and to encourage collaborative projects that deepen our understanding of people’s culture in our visual world of this 21 century.

“We need a culture shift. Can design reconcile differences? “Let’s begin a journey of understanding – fostering a new respect for life, nature and the natural world. Let’s value the principles of truth, honesty, generosity, equity and kinship.”

- David Lancashire, Melbourne (Australia)


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Batman Icon's Mutation

Trilha sonora: U2 - Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me

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UEFA EURO 2012™ Poland-Ukraine official logo

The official logo, visual identity and slogan for UEFA EURO 2012™ have been unveiled at a special event in Kyiv's Mykhailivska Square with co-hosts Ukraine and Poland looking forward to 'Creating History Together'.

Visual identity
The purpose of the logo is to give UEFA EURO 2012™ a personality of its own, with the visual identity to be applied across a range of promotional applications from tickets to web banners. The objective is to help promote the tournament – one of the world's biggest sporting events – by providing an easily recognisable identity with a flavour of the host nations. The logo takes its visual lead from 'wycinanka', the traditional art of paper cutting practised in rural areas of Poland and Ukraine, as a tribute to the fauna and flora of the region.

EURO bloom
The 'bloom' logo has a flower representing each of the co-host nations and a central ball symbolising the emotion and passion of the competition, while the stem denotes the structural aspect of the competition, UEFA and European football. Nature has inspired other features of the visual identity, with woodland green, sun yellow, aqua blue, sky blue and blackberry purple being the crucial tones of the palette of colours to figure in official tournament branding.

Uniting ethos
The event slogan, meanwhile, is 'Creating History Together'. The staging of the UEFA European Championship finals in Poland and Ukraine, a first for Central and Eastern Europe, will have a place in the history books, with everyone involved in UEFA EURO 2012™ – organisers, host countries, host cities, players and fans – contributing to another exciting chapter of European football.


Seoul to host Seoul Design Fair 2010

Seoul (South Korea) - The Seoul Metropolitan Government will host the Seoul Design Fair, an Icograda endorsed event, for 21 days from 17 September - 7 October at the Jamsil Sports Complex and four other venues in Seoul.

Formerly known as 'Seoul Design Olympiad', the third annual event to promote harmony among citizens through design will open under the theme of 'Design for All', featuring 44 academic and cultural events organised in the three broad categories: Economy, Participation and Education.

It is expected that over 200 design teams around the world, twice the number compared with last year, will take part in the Seoul Design Market and 40 overseas and 88 domestic design companies, along with 25 international designers will present their designs at the Domestic Design Industry Exhibition and the Overseas Design Industry Exhibitions.

Even though the registration deadline for the Seoul International Design Competition is still one month away, over 2 600 applicants from about 100 countries (as of 7 June 2010) have already submitted their applications.

Among the high-profile designers joining the global event as speakers include Chris Luebkeman, UK's future trend leading architect, Stefano Givannoni, a world famous Italian designer, John Wood, professor at the University of London, and Alessandro Mendini.

This year, there has been a particularly sharp increase in participation and interest by overseas design companies and designers in the Overseas Design Industry Exhibition and the Seoul Design Market, which have been organised as part of 'Design for the Economy'.

Design for the Economy section of the event focuses on stimulating economic revitalisation with design innovation as a primary engine for growth. To this end, various plans will be executed to promote business and industrial activities and exchanges. The project includes design exhibitions joined by domestic and overseas design companies. Additionally, the Seoul Design Market will also be as part of the project, allowing domestic and overseas designers to meet their customers and sell their products on site.

Global citizens will also be invited to take part in 'Design for Participation' programs, in which the 'Green Garden Panorama' and other eco-friendly exhibitions will take place in each of the 25 autonomous districts (called 'gu') in Seoul and universities. Autonomous districts will put 'participation' into practice by filling all 29 500 seats of the main stadium with green plants and sell them to donate the proceeds to the socially disadvantaged.

Two side events of the section; The Seoul International Design Competition 2010 in search of up and coming design talent and the Seoul Bicycle Design Competition Festival to conceptualises 'eco-friendly transportation and living', will definitely be 'must see' events organised to encourage the participation of both designers and the general public.

'Design for Education' programs, on the other hand, will shed light to the design industry's future through a wide range of hands-on educational events for children, such as the Hall of Idea Imagination, the Design Class for Future Artists, as well as various other programs for both adolescents and grownups including the Public Design Academy, Green Garden Panorama, University Students Design Exhibition, plus conferences and competitions.

At the 'Hall of Imagination', there will be educational tours organised for children, while the 'Design Class for Future Artists' will feature professionals specialising in toy design and early childhood design education. The Public Design Academy is expected to help visitors understand design easily by combining familiar cultural content, particularly IT, music and the arts, to enhance the awareness of the importance of social and cultural values of design in our lives.

Design fair to feature educational and fun-filled events for everyone
One of the most outstanding new features of the Seoul Design Fair is the external uniqueness of the major pavilions in the stadium. The three major pavilions, which depart from the existing air dome style, were designed respectively by three of the greatest contemporary architects in the world: Alessandro Mendini from Italy, Daniel Libeskind from the United States and Kim Seok-Chul from Korea.

These pavilions will be set up to collectively represent the World Design Capital Seoul and individually to stand for La Punta - the Summit, the Trinity of the Sky, The Earth and Mankind, and Cohesion and Harmony.

One of main purposes of the Seoul Design Fair's is improving the quality of life for citizens. Additionally, the event is also meant to contribute to job creation and urban economic development. To this end, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has focused more on industrial exhibitions, market places and business support programs for this year.

According to Dr. Hee-Gon Hwang from the Hallym Institute of Advanced International Studies, approximately 8 000 jobs could be created and over 500 million dollars of production-induced revenue. Most of the programs and events of this global citizens' festival will be open to the public for free.

Find out more about the Seoul Design Fair 2010 at:

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Posters for the Green Movement in Iran

School of Visual Arts announced "Where Is My Vote? Posters for the Green Movement in Iran," an exhibition of over 125 political posters by graphic artists world wide created in support of the protests in Iran that followed the 2009 presidential election.

The exhibition is the first public viewing of these posters in printed form and was organized by designers Anita Kunz and Woody Pirtle along with Francis Di Tommaso, director of the Visual Arts Gallery, and Steven Heller, author, design historian and co-chair of the MFA Design Department at SVA.

"Where Is My Vote?" will be on view at the Visual Arts Gallery from August 30 to September 25, 2010.

The exhibition highlights the unique role that socially responsible designers can play in rallying support for free speech, and the power of design to inspire political activism.

It features posters by some of the most celebrated graphic artists working today, including R. O. Blechman, Seymour Chwast, Ivan Chermayeff, Milton Glaser, Robert Grossman, Anita Kunz, Yossi Lemel, Jennifer Morla, István Orosz, Woody Pirtle, Andrea Rauch, Ralph Steadman, Gary Taxali, James Victore and Massimo Vignelli, among others.

See here the posters:

Winners of the Worldwide Logo Design Annual 2009

Wolda, the Worldwide Logo Design Annual, announced the winners of its 2009 edition: 192 logos, selected from nearly 2000 entries from all over the world.

All the winning entries are displayed online and will be published in the '09 annual.

Wolda is the high-profile graphic design award scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout the world, creating an archive that tracks the evolution of tastes, styles and trends in global design, year after year.

See here the winners:

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DesignFest 2010

The fourth edition of the International Design Festival, DesignFest /10, will be held in Expo Guadalajara from Thursday, September 30 through Saturday, October 2, 2010. This event will gather prominent personalities and design firms.

Under the motto "Redesign your World", the festival which is organized by the magazine REDiseño will consist of a total of 12 conferences about design. This year DesignFest offers a panel of designers from 7 different countries: Italy, Spain, Argentina, India, Japan, United States and Mexico.

Some of the distinguished conferencists will include Italian Lucca Borgogno, Senior Designer of Pininfarina; the Italian Gabriele Schiavon and his Spanish associate Gerard Sanmartí; and the Argentinean's Adrián Pierini, Christian Montenegro and Sebastián Guerrini. The designer Ashwini Deshpande, will be traveling from India; Industrial Designer Nosinger from Japan; and Typographic Designer Jessica Hische from New York. Mexico will be represented by jewelry designer Alejandra Aceves and Interior Designer Ezequiel Farca.

DesignFest 2010 will also offer a Mexican Fiesta; runways for the fashion design
competition Rock, Paper, Scissors; entrance to ExpoDiseño, a simultaneous event in where more than 130 promoters of design such as multimedia design firms, interior and lighting design stores, fashion design and companies of new technologies in graphic communication, will present their work and services; and four 5-hour workshops for twenty attendees each in where, international designers will share their experience in the development of professional design projects.

For more information please visit:

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21st International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont

The International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont came into life from a collection of vintage posters, which Gustave Dutailly had passed on to the town. The zeal with which this man collected images of his time, and discerned their quality, is behind this French cultural collection that concerns graphic designers as much as the inhabitants of Chaumont. For 21 years now, the Festival has accompanied poster-making and its development by organising an annual international poster competition endorsed by Icograda.

This meeting place with the profession is a rare opportunity to follow up on and confront contemporary development, to plot - year over year - the scenes for its quality and value. 100 to 120 selected posters will be exhibited during the Festival, the highlight of which is the awards ceremony.

Once the awards and exhibitions are over, the selected posters become part of the collection of contemporary posters built up over 21 years of Festival. This association between the contemporary collection and the Dutailly collection is the foundation of the project of an International Graphic Design Centre (CIG). Graphic design in Chaumont is already focusing on the CIG before its construction and for the first time, the International Competition will allow to build up a selection of French posters intended to highlight graphic design in France and to encourage commissions of value, by means of carrying through exhibitions and mediation following the Festival.

International Poster Competition and selection of the best French Posters
For the first time, the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont is organising a selection of the best French posters concurrently with the International Competition. Posters or series of posters, meeting following criteria can compete for this national selection.

Deadline for entries: 8 April 2010

First Prize: 7500 EUR
Second Prize: 4500 EUR
Third Prize: 3000 EUR

The Competition "Students, All to Chaumont!"
For its 21 edition, the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont has chosen the question : "Graphic design, qu'est-ce que c'est ?" as the theme of its student competition.

Deadline for entries: 2 April 2010


Poster for Tomorrow announces call for entries 2010

Paris (France) - 10 October 2010 (10/10/10) is the World and European Day against the Death Penalty. On this day poster for tomorrow will hold 100 exhibitions in 100 cities of posters calling for universal abolition of the death sentence. Designers everywhere are invited to submit an original poster for the competition to be one of the 100 exhibited around the world.

poster for tomorrow believes in design, and posters, as a medium to inspire social change. What you create as an artist, graphic designer or art director can inform, provoke emotion and motivate people to action. It's a great gift. And a gift you can use to inspire change in the world. poster for tomorrow believes the death penalty is a violation of human rights and that it has no place in modern society. And that's what it wants to change in 2010.

Working with Amnesty International, the Council of Europe, Reporters Without Borders and the World coalition against the Death Penalty, poster for tomorrow will raise awareness of this cause. One poster is a start. But hundreds, thousands, become a movement that cannot be denied.

Bianca Jagger: "As Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, I am pleased to support poster for tomorrow. Artists are an integral part of the fabric of society; and if they choose to, they can have a great impact on people's hearts and minds. They can vividly illustrate the horror of capital punishment. I urge artists to participate in the poster for tomorrow initiative."

Call for entries
poster for tomorrow will reward the best 100 designs (as selected by the online jury) by including them in the "Death is not Justice" exhibition, to be held in 100 locations worldwide on 10 October 2010. A book about the exhibition will be published.

Ten designs, as chosen by the live jury, will become part of the permanent collection of a number of prestigious design museums worldwide.


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Winners of the Culture Counts: UNESCO Poster Competition

Design 21 announced the winners of Culture Counts, whose posters best illustrate the notion of "rapprochement of cultures."

Reflecting the global theme of the Culture Counts competition, Design 21 received over 1,180 entries from 82 countries that creatively express the importance of exchange, dialogue and harmony between cultures.

The Overall Winner was awarded $2,000 plus an invitation from Unesco to attend the International Festival of Cultural Diversity in May 2010.

Two "D21 Judge's Picks" were handpicked to receive $500.

In addition, 47 other works will be displayed online or in a special poster exhibition at Unesco headquarters in Paris that coincides with the Festival.


ICON6: The Illustration Conference

ICON6 The Illustration Conference will be held July 14-17 in Los Angeles at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena CA.

The conference will present over 60 speakers who cover a wide-range of topics that transform the industry, in Main Stage, Workshops, Tours, Exhibits, Parties and Roundtable discussions over 4 days.


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Istanbul (Turkey) - From 26 April - 16 May 2010, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University will host Grafist 14, the 14th International Istanbul Graphic Design Week. This Icograda-endorsed event has been organised annually since 1997 by the school's Fine Arts Faculty, Graphic Design Department, in collaboration with GMK/The Turkish Society of Graphic Designers.

The International İstanbul Graphic Desing Week is an educational activity organised to create a rich arena for the interactive sharing of works and their results. During the week, internationally-known foreign and Turkish graphic designers, as well as both foreign and Turkish students, to come together through activities such as seminars, workshops and exhibitions and evaluate and discuss their design criteria and visions.


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World Urban Campaign Logo Competition winners announced

San Francisco (United States)
- It is with great pleasure and excitement that the jurors announce the winners of the World Urban Campaign Logo Competition, an Icograda-endorsed award scheme.

The jury deliberated the merits of the entries until they felt confident that they had found a logo that not only fully embodied the World Urban Campaign and its mission, but also one that would serve the functional and pragmatic applications of a global initiative comprised of many partners, cultures and languages.

First Place goes to João Borges of Portugal (see image above). He was awarded the prize of USD $5000 at the closing ceremony of the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro Brazil on 26 March 2010 and his logo will represent the World Urban Campaign.


Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design

Montreal (Canada)
- Icograda is introducing its newest initiative, Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research. Advancing Icograda's strategic aim of supporting the development of design education (theory, practice, and research), Iridescent is an online journal fulfilling the vision of the Icograda Design Education Manifesto.

"The concept of a journal was first raised when the Icograda Education Network (IEN) was founded in 2002 at a meeting in Brno, Czech Republic," explains Russell Kennedy, Icograda President. "Today, the IEN includes 77 member institutions from 34 countries, and Iridescent will become a key platform to share the research generated by this network and encourage its continued development."

About Iridescent

Iridescent is a peer-reviewed publication, inviting scholars worldwide to submit innovative design research. Its aim is to make emerging work available to a broad international audience, establishing a benchmark for design research in the process. Themes will be introduced throughout each two-year term. Research will be reviewed as received and published online continuously.

"By publishing work in any of the six official languages of the United Nations (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic), our hope is that Iridescent will introduce design research that may not currently have a voice in the international design discourse." says Omar Vulpinari, Icograda Vice President who leads the Education portfolio. "We want to inspire and encourage new and unconventional approaches to research across all design disciplines." The Iridescent identity, developed by David Lancashire Design, was developed to reflect this inclusive approach.

The inaugural content of the journal includes papers presented at the Education Conference held during Xin: Icograda World Design Congress 2009 in Beijing, China. Expanding on these papers exploring the current state of design education, two additional themes have been opened for future submissions:
  • Design education
  • Defining the value of design
  • Sustainability

A selection of papers published in each two-year term will be curated as a printed volume. The first printed edition will be presented at the Icograda General Assembly 24 in Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) as part of the 2011 IDA Congress.

Editorial Board and Advisory Panel

Iridescent will be stewarded by an Editorial Board, headed by Max Bruinsma internationally respected design critic, editor and curator, and an Advisory Panel. "The response to our call for interest to participate in shaping Iridescent was exceptional and our inaugural Editorial Board and Advisory Panel represents not only academic leadership but the diverse cultural backgrounds that make Icograda's network unique," adds Vulpinari. "We are grateful for the commitment that this group has made on behalf of our Council."

Editorial Board (2009-2011):
  • Max Bruinsma (the Netherlands)
  • Rotating guest editors

Advisory Panel (2009-2011):
  • Audrey G. Bennett (United States)
  • Sherry Blankenship (United States)
  • Halim Choueiry (Lebanon)
  • Renzo di Renzo (Italy)
  • Susan King Roth (United States)
  • Ruth Klotzel (Brazil)
  • Ellen Lupton (United States)
  • Simon McIntyre (Australia)
  • Iraj Mirza Alikhani (Iran)
  • Leila Musfy (Lebanon)
  • Paul Nini (United States)
  • Danne Ojeda (Singapore)
  • Ladan Rezai (Iran)
  • Sasha Sankova (Russia)
  • Ajanta Sen (India)
  • Karel van der Waarde (Belgium)
  • Ria van Zyl (South Africa)
  • Veronique Vienne (France)
  • Omar Vulpinari (Italy)
  • Yong Xiao (China)
  • Evert Ypma (Switzerland)

Call for submissions

Iridescent invites researchers and scholars from all design disciplines to submit their papers and essays. Papers may be submitted in any of the six United Nations languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian but must include an English language abstract. Iridescent follows a double blind peer review process.

To learn more about Iridescent and how to submit, visit:

quarta-feira, 24 de março de 2010

Icograda Design Week in Madrid

Straight to Business: Icograda Design Week in Madrid will showcase the best examples of how communication design, effectively managed and integrated into a company’s strategy can result in an improved brand image, more efficient use of resources and positive economic results.

Straight to Business 2010 will be a meeting point for designers, government officials and company executives. The programme will cover advances, case studies and actual experiences about strategy and design, communication, brand and image management.

Straight to Business 2010 will be the opportunity to learn from international case studies fostering partnerships between design and business, and an exceptional networking opportunity for international companies and design professionals from Spain and across Europe.

Straight to Business 2010 will take place from 21-25 June, as a part of the programming for the Spanish Presidency of the European Union.


sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

21st International poster and graphic arts festival of Chaumont

Chaumont (France) - 21st International poster and graphic arts festival of Chaumont invites design professionals to enter for this year's International Poster Competition and selection of the best French Posters, and invites students to enter the "Students, All to Chaumont!" Competition, both with deadlines in early April.

For 21 years now, the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont has accompanied poster-making and its development by organising an annual international poster competition endorsed by Icograda.

International Poster Competition and selection of the best French Posters
For the first time this year, the International Competition will begin to build up a selection of French posters intended to highlight graphic design in France and to encourage commissions of value, by means of carrying through exhibitions and mediation following the Festival.

Deadline for entries: 8 April 2010

The Competition "Students, All to Chaumont!"
For its 21 edition, the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont has chosen the question : "Graphic design, qu'est-ce que c'est ?" as the theme of its student competition.

Deadline for entries: 2 April 2010

Student workshops
Seven Workshops, along the same topic as "Students, all to Chaumont!" will host 105 students from around the world.

The exhibition and festival
100 to 120 selected posters will be exhibited during the Festival, the highlight of which is the awards ceremony. Once the awards and exhibitions are over, the selected posters become part of the collection of contemporary posters built up over the Festival's history.


Icograda welcomes Salman AlHajri as Friend

Salman Alhajri
Salman is an Omani lecturer at Sultan Qaboos University and, currently, a PhD candidate in Loughborough University, UK. He research on a domain of art and graphic design, graduated from University of Technology, Sydney in 2005 with a master in Design. As a researcher, Salman interested in exploring the links between the creativity and graphic design and the ways of developing creative potential of graphic design students. He is very enthusiast to engage in academic activities such as conferences, journal publishing, design competitions, and lecturing internationally about Arabic graphic design practices. In design he interested in practicing in Arabic Calligraphy design, web design, and publications design, therefore, he have participated in many international exhibitions, workshops, and artistic activities. Presently he performs various art and design experiments using several approaches such as photography, painting, drawing, digital printmaking, and digital design.


sábado, 6 de março de 2010

2010 Adobe® Design Achievement Awards

The Adobe® Design Achievement Awards celebrate student achievement reflecting the powerful convergence of technology and the creative arts. The competition - which showcases individual and group projects created with industry-leading Adobe creative software - honors the most talented and promising student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, developers and computer artists from the world's top institutions of higher education.

Call for entries

Enter in 12 categories in 3 media areas endorsed by the industry, cash prizes will be awarded in Los Angeles prior to the opening of the Adobe MAX worldwide convention. Submissions close 4 June 2010.


Contest is open to all individuals age 18 years or older who are full-time matriculated students in an accredited institution of higher education. The contest is not open to any resident of the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. U.S. export regulations prohibit the export of goods and services to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Therefore residents of these countries/regions are not eligible to participate.


Both individuals and groups may enter one unique project in up to three of the following categories:
  1. Interactive media: Browser-Based Design, Non-Browser Based Design, Application Development, Mobile Design, Installation Design
  2. Video and motion: Animation, Live Action, Motion Graphics
  3. Traditional media: Illustration, Packaging, Photography, Print Communications


The 2010 Adobe® Design Achievement Awards entries will be reviewed by a panel of outstanding judges to be announced in January of 2010. The judges will be announce soon.


Higher education students can submit entries created with Adobe software to earn a chance at winning recognition, travel, Adobe software, and winners receive cash prizes.


Contest begins on 20 November 2009 and ends on 4 June 2010. All entries must be received by Adobe no later than 17:00 Pacific time on 4 June 2010.

For complete competition details and to enter online, visit:

Young Package 2010

Since its foundation in 1996, Young Package has gained both international reputation and distinctive position among competitions for young designers. This year brings essential changes. The visual style of the competition has changed; for its fifteenth anniversary, the competition has brand new web pages. In addition, conditions and categories have changed as well - so now the contest is open to designers from different areas of interest.

The Young Package competition is held on an annual basis. It originated, and is still functioning, thanks to the initiative of the company Model Obaly, a leading package manufacturer. Model Obaly sees the support of young talents as essential.


The competition is aimed at students and young creative people of up to 30 years of age. Designs made of corrugated or smooth cardboard are accepted, as this material has a broad range of use within packaging design.


  • Winner in the Product Package category will be awarded:
    • University students and young designers under 30 years of age - 750 Euro
    • High school students - 750 Euro
  • Winner in the Different View category will be awarded - 750 Euro
  • Within the competition, a special CZECHDESIGN.CZ prize will be awarded

Terms and conditions

Entries sent by postal service will be accepted from participants registered through an online registration form. High school, college, university students, and designers of up to 30 years of age can register in two categories: Product Package and Different View.

With their entries, participants do not include any CDs or portfolios; they can use the registration form, which provides room for description.


To register, participants use an online registration form placed on the competition website. After the registration, participants will receive a registration-code by e-mail. This code must be indicated both on the entry (in a subtle and elegant manner) and to the envelope or package in which the work will be sent. Consequently, the works will be judged anonymously.


Entries are accepted beginning 8 October 2009 until 29 March 2010.
The expert jury will be formed by 30 January 2010.

Competition Organiser

K Safine 562,
149 00, Prague 4
Czech Republic

Klára Mergerová
T: +420 605 301 058,


Call for entries: Australasian Student Design Awards 2010

Melbourne (Australia) - The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) invites nominations of top Australian and New Zealand student projects for this year's Australasian Student Design Awards (ASDA). The deadline for educators to register their schools is 17 March 2010.

In recent years, Sustainable Design has moved past its pop-culture status to form a key requirement of any good design process. Sustainable Designs allow us to live, work and play in such a way that is more efficient, profitable, secure and pleasurable but most importantly a way that does not compromise our future. Now as one of the defining ideas of the 21st century, Sustainability holds tremendous possibilities for designers.

ASDA fosters the future of Sustainable Design practice by rewarding the region's best emerging designers. As the foremost student design awards, the ASDA multidisciplinary program attracts an exceptional range, depth and quality of entries.

The DIA invites Australian and New Zealand tertiary design institutes to nominate their top student design projects that reflect design excellence and adopt innovative Sustainable Design principles.

Now in its 15th year, the DIA presents the ASDA in conjunction with designEX. Entries will be judged and displayed at this premier interior architecture and design exhibition which attracts over 20,000 Australian and International design professionals.

The ASDA prize pool includes cash prizes, travel scholarships, art & design supplies, DIA memberships and ASDA certificates.

Entry is open to design projects created in 2nd Semester 2009 or 1st Semester 2010 from entrants aged 18 years or older as at the date of entry who are:
  • Permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand or international students under a Student Visa in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Currently studying, full time equivalent or apprentice tertiary courses at a Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma or Degree level or graduated from any of these courses in Semester 2 2009.


terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010

Seoul Design Survey report published

Seoul (Korea) - Since the launch of the World Design Survey™ pilot project led by Icograda on behalf of the International Design Alliance (IDA), member organisations and pilot project participants have invested a considerable amount of time, resources and effort to establish and maintain an international framework measuring the contribution of the design economy and the level of strategic engagement by government in using design as a socio-economic and cultural developmental enabler.

Taking such initiative into consideration, and as a key participating city in the World Design Survey pilot project, Seoul has developed a research framework to measure each sector related to the design capacity of the city.

The objective of the Seoul Design Survey was to research and develop a framework that will facilitate the understanding of the city’s design status and capacity, both objectively and comprehensively. To achieve this, Seoul’s unique analysis model was developed to measure the various status and conditions of the city’s design sector and based on such model, data pertaining to the level and status of Seoul’s design industry, culture, education, and policy was researched and analysed in a realistic and objective manner.

Looking ahead to the development of the World Design Survey, the Seoul Design Survey methodology has been proposed as a framework for comprehensive and individual factor analysis at a national and city level. Accordingly, the framework can be localised to examine the cultural differences, size, effects and characteristics of the design sector for diverse regions through the comparison of nations and cities within an international perspective.

In the next phase of the World Design Survey, the framework will be evaluated through an Asian Design Survey and the inaugural World Design Survey as part of Seoul's 2010 World Design Capital™ activities.


terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Craig Tracy Body Painting - The Last South China Tiger

segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

ABCing: Seeing the Alphabet Differently

Mark Batty Publisher announced a new kind of alphabet book, ABCing: Seeing the Alphabet Differently, a primer to seeing and understanding the visual world.

Not your average abecedary, ABCing is a crisp, stylish, colorful board book that will have a permanent home on the bookshelves and desks of creative minds, serving as an excellent point of entry for seasoned designers and students of all ages to learn how new perspectives can provide new meanings.

Author Colleen Ellis uses every letter of the Latin alphabet, pairing each one with design-inspired words like "dynamic," "imagination" and "scale" to create illustrations using only the negative shapes of a given letter.

The shapes are rotated and resized; they are not duplicated, mirrored or otherwise altered.

The shapes are then composed as a visual translation of the given word's meaning, resulting in visual and conceptual mixtures of philosophy, poetry and art.

"The intent is to spur new and alternative approaches to how viewers look at an image, shifting the focus from the subject - the letter - to the surrounding space," said Ellis.

"Using the fundamental principles of Gestalt theory, the book encourages the viewer to see and consider the 'white space' as much as they see and consider the letter within it.

It suggests how context can define or distort a subject, and that if one looks beyond a letter, or any form for that matter, one will find another story."


London Barcelona 2010: Dual City Summer Sessions for Art and Design in Europe

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London is collaborating with Elisava, Escola Superior de Disseny in Barcelona, to offer a fascinating European design journey over four weeks in Summer 2010.

Starting in the vibrant, sprawling metropolis of London with its wealth of sources of inspiration from the past to the present and ending in one of southern Europe's most desirable, design focused cities that continues to be at the vanguard of innovation.

The courses are for portfolio-builders, current students, new professionals and creative individuals in advertising, animation, architecture, art history, experience and retail design, furniture design, illustration, merchandising, photography and transport design.

No previous specialist knowledge is required to join these courses.

The Dual City Summer Sessions are a series of intensive international programmes specifically created to present world-class cities from different yet complimentary art and design perspectives.

Courses are offered in English.


2010 UCDA Design Summit: Beyond Branding

In 140 characters or less, is your institution connecting with your audience?

In these tough economic times, creative communications professionals are vital to solving some of your institution's financial and global responsibilities by making your brand viral.

The UCDA Design Summit, with a focus on branding, is the single most relevant event tailored specifically for communicators in education.

Learn how to look at your communication plan and see how your brand can extend into a strong print portfolio and beyond, becoming integrated into the everyday lives of your audience and explore how to utilize social media and take our brands to the next level.

The UCDA Design Summit is scheduled for March 18-20, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Registration is now open with an early-bird registration discount through February 10, 2010.


segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2010

Mediabistro Logo Awards

Mediabistro announced the first annual Logo Awards Contest, designed to celebrate and promote the best in logo design.

All submissions must have been created between March 31, 2008 and March 31, 2010.

Deadline for entries is March 31, 2010.


4th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2010

The Brno Biennial showcases the very best of graphic design.

The Brno Biennial was established in 1963, and is thus the oldest exhibition of graphic design in the world.

It regularly alternates between two subjects.

The 24th year is dedicated to corporate, informational and advertising graphics and posters while the 2012 Biennial will focus on graphic design and type in books, magazines, newspapers and the digital media.

Apart from the main competition show, the Brno Biennial features a specialist symposium and a number of accompanying events, thanks to which Brno becomes a major centre of contemporary graphic design for four months.


NYC Condom Package Design Competition

The New York City Health Department has distributed free condoms since 1971, but the effort was relatively low-key until a few years ago, when they have created the now-iconic NYC Condom.

The Health Department now distributes more than 41 million condoms every year in 2,200 venues ranging from hospitals and social service agencies to bars, clubs and coffee houses.

To keep the condom campaign fresh, and reinforce the importance of safer sex, the Health Department is now planning a special limited edition of the NYC Condom.

A panel of judges will evaluate the submissions and select several finalists from the entries.

The winning design will grace the wrapper of a special limited edition of the NYC Condom, which will be unveiled in the fall of 2010.

The competition is open to residents of New York City.

Deadline for entries is January 22, 2010.