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DesignFest 2010

The fourth edition of the International Design Festival, DesignFest /10, will be held in Expo Guadalajara from Thursday, September 30 through Saturday, October 2, 2010. This event will gather prominent personalities and design firms.

Under the motto "Redesign your World", the festival which is organized by the magazine REDiseño will consist of a total of 12 conferences about design. This year DesignFest offers a panel of designers from 7 different countries: Italy, Spain, Argentina, India, Japan, United States and Mexico.

Some of the distinguished conferencists will include Italian Lucca Borgogno, Senior Designer of Pininfarina; the Italian Gabriele Schiavon and his Spanish associate Gerard Sanmartí; and the Argentinean's Adrián Pierini, Christian Montenegro and Sebastián Guerrini. The designer Ashwini Deshpande, will be traveling from India; Industrial Designer Nosinger from Japan; and Typographic Designer Jessica Hische from New York. Mexico will be represented by jewelry designer Alejandra Aceves and Interior Designer Ezequiel Farca.

DesignFest 2010 will also offer a Mexican Fiesta; runways for the fashion design
competition Rock, Paper, Scissors; entrance to ExpoDiseño, a simultaneous event in where more than 130 promoters of design such as multimedia design firms, interior and lighting design stores, fashion design and companies of new technologies in graphic communication, will present their work and services; and four 5-hour workshops for twenty attendees each in where, international designers will share their experience in the development of professional design projects.

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