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New to +DESIGN: ClearRX

CHALLENGE: To design a prescription distribution and communication system that improves consumer understanding and increased quality of care.
SOLUTION: Clearer prescriptionsWhen designer Deborah Adler learned that her grandmother had accidentally swallowed her husband's pills, she decided to base her School of Visual Arts M.F.A. thesis project around redesigning the outdated and dangerously incomprehensive pill bottles. When presented with the design proposal, American retailing company Target was keen to jump on board.Together they introduced ClearRx, an innovative prescription distribution and communication system that offers a family of smart, safe innovations in medication packaging and design, prescription and health information and patient communication.This first-of-its-kind system makes prescription health information easier to understand. ClearRx transforms the current prescription dispensing system, specifically with innovations in patient communications, such as an easier-to-read-and-use bottle design, and prescription and health information pamphlets.
FIND OUT MORE: Visit Icograda's +DESIGN website to read more and see other inspiring design solutions.


Design research in the twenty-first century has been a fundamental aspect of national and international design agendas, whether in terms of the flurry of activity evident in the early 2000s, including the establishment of the Korean and Hong Kong Design Centres in 2001, the Indian government's endorsement of the country's National Design Policy in 2007 or the publication of a proposed United States National Design Policy in 2009. In terms of the wider higher education research agenda there have also been a number of key national design research initiatives, as in the case of the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki (UIAH) contribution to the shaping of national design research policy exemplified by its role in the policy paper Design 2005! (2000). The design research landscape in the higher education sector in the UK is rather different for a number of reasons, although its national significance has been underlined in the recent national Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008, in which 70 universities and free-standing specialist institutions submitted their research achievements and ongoing strategies in art and design over a six-year period for peer review. 65 per cent of the University of Brighton's research in art and design was classified as either 'world leading' or 'internationally excellent', confirming Brighton and its Faculty of Arts and Architecture amongst the leading research centres in the UK for art and design, with Research Fortnight ranking the submission second nationally in terms of the volume and quality of research. (For a full picture of Brighton's ongoing research across design, the visual and performing arts and the humanities see

100 best posters 08 - Germany, Austria, Switzerland

An exhibition of 100 beste Plakate e.V., Berlin in cooperation with the Deutsche Plakat Museum and with the red dot design museum, Essen

From 28 August to 27 September 2009 the red dot design museum will present the exhibition “100 best posters 08 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland” and thus the results of the competition with the same name held by the association “100 beste Plakate e.V.”. The 100 winning posters, which were selected by a jury of six from the 1,521 submitted entries, present the most current trends of contemporary poster design from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The wide spectrum of designs with regards to styles, techniques and subjects, was staged in the unusual exhibition concept of an interdisciplinary study project of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam under the direction of Nauka Kirschner and Prof. Hermann Weizenegger. The organiser is the Deutsche Plakat Museum (German poster museum) at the Folkwang Museum, Essen, in co-operation with the association “100 Beste Plakate e.V.”, Berlin. The exhibition opening will take place on 27 August 2009 at 6:00 pm at the red dot design museum on the Zollverein world cultural heritage site.

A poster is regarded as an effective, demonstrative, and immediate means of communication. With a stylised design language the exhibition thus uses the visual image of a demonstration. The posters are presented on so-called “lollipops”, which are placards typically seen at demonstrations, and the room installation brings across the vivid character in a dynamic way.

Members of the jury chaired by Bastian Abry and Dimitri Broquard, Zurich, which was in session on 26 and 27 February 2009, were Cordula Alessandri, Vienna, Prof. Georg Barber, Berlin, Dr. Anita Kühnel, Berlin, and Christian Lagé, Berlin.

Besides the presentation of the 100 best posters 08 in Berlin, the red dot design museum in Essen will be the second stop of the exhibition before it will be on show in Lucerne and Vienna at the end of the year.

Address:red dot design museumZeche ZollvereinGelsenkirchener Straße 18145309 Essen, Germany

Opening hours:Tuesday to Thursday: 11 am to 6 pmFriday to Sunday and public holidays: 11 am to 8 pm

Admission fees:8 euros per person; concessions 3 euros

For further information as well as images to download visit and

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Feature: Creativity? Pursuit of Change

Carole GuevinOriginally published in July 2004 for, this article by netdiver editor, Carole Guevin, reflects on the importance of creativity in dealing with global challenges in a way that is still quite pertinent today.
Creativity is the capacity to evaluate, organise, deconstruct, interpret and synthesise chaos. The result? Assigning a systemically simple well-packaged new proposal to a problem.Creatives definedCreative people are often the last resort 'descramblers'. They can sort contradicting or problematic information all the while letting their supercharged imagination glide over the mess. Most of the time, they have a springy attitude carrying their assignment with pure childlike delight. They feed and soar on the 'gravity' of problems. They shine their true best in the worst of situations. They get enthused over the smallest sparks! They see a magnificent cathedral-like solution in a few significant strokes.

Galeria: Water for Life

Designer: Masato WatanabeMember of: JAGDA, Japan
About the designThe recent situation over water, such as the droughts, desertification, and flooding caused by global warming and abnormal global weather patterns, is becoming serious. These posters were created to produce such an awareness of the issues.

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Designer: John GravdahlMember of: AIGA, United States
About the designA series of posters promoting fresh morning beverages at the Art Cafe at Colorado State University.
Call for submissions: Icograda GaleriaProfessionals, faculty and students from Icograda Member organisations are invited to submit communication designs to the Icograda Galeria.Download the submission criteria for more information.Word Doc (168KB) / PDF (216KB).


By Hans Kleefeld
With thousands of new visual identities flooding the market all the time, is it possible to create anything that hasn't been done before? Yes, you can cut through the clutter. But start by understanding the history and rules of effective design. In this article, originally published in Applied Arts Magazine, Hans Kleefeld looks at the trends and shifts in visual identities over the past 50 years, and beyond.

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The Eureka Moment, Part I: Is Entrepreneurship for You?

My company Knoend just officially passed the three-year mark in June; it feels like an eternity and a short dream simultaneously. At this milestone, I've taken some time for reflection and I'd like to share some advice with all who have entertained the thought of becoming an entrepreneur in a three-part series.
By: Ivy Chuang Published: Jul 13, 2009

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Designfest 2009

The third edition of the International Design Festival, Designfest '09, will be held in Expo Guadalajara from the 15th to the 17th of October 2009.This event will gather prominent personalities and design firms.Designfest is organized by the publication REDiseno, and includes 13 conferences held by distinguished national and international designers, among them the recognized Sol Sender, creator of Barack Obama's presidential campaign logo.Other recognized speakers include Spaniard Ximo Roca and Mexicans Hector Esrawe and Oscar Salinas.As part of the event, Designfest will offer nine thematic workshops focused on interior design, brand design, animated design, illustration, fashion, product and furniture design.Simultaneously, in a space of more than 63,00 square feet over 150 proponents of design such as design firms, companies of new technologies in graphic communication, digital printing, multimedia, as well as new talent, eco-design, automotive, furniture and fashion design, will present their work and services.

Images 34: the Best of British Contemporary Illustration 2010

Images is the showcase for the best of contemporary British illustration.Now in its 34th year, Images is the only independent, jury-selected illustration annual distributed to 4000 commissioners and touring exhibition in the UK.The jury consists of nine eminent industry figures including Penny Garrett - Art Director at The Economist, Angus Hyland Partner at Pentagram, Ben Norland - Executive Art Director Walker Books and Nol Davis - Head of Creative Services Department.Categories include: Advertising, Books, Children's Books, Design, Editorial, New Media, Self-Promotion and New Talent.Deadline for call for entries is July 31, 2009.

Colors of Money: an Exhibition About Money by Fabrica and Colors Magazine

Fabrica, the Benetton communication research center, has been invited by the cultural space CarreRotondes in Luxemburg to present Colors of Money, an exhibition exploring the approaches, uses and understandings of money.Based on the 73rd issue of Colors Magazine, Colors of Money posits that "money is an illusion", highlighting the myriad contradictions embodied in the all-embracing role money has come to play in modern society.Through photography, creative writing, works of art and interactive installations conceived by Fabrica artists, Colors of Money provides an unorthodox insight into a world seizing from a growing financial crises.The exhibition simultaneously underlines the innovative response of social groups to the cultural dominance of finance, thus making a subject often considered as incomprehensible more accessible to young people, finance professionals and the general public.


One of the key design events of the Icograda World Design Congress Beijing 2009, "Post__: Contemporary International Poster Retrospective" focuses on avant-garde concepts in international graphic design, illustrates the contemporary landscape of poster design and explores alternative possibilities of poster design as a medium for communication. As a retrospective study in the "post-poster media age," the exhibition aims to analyse, reflect and shed new light on contemporary graphic design. It will expose the contemporary scene of poster design to both Chinese and international design professionals, as well as the general public, and hopes to instigate design dialogue between Eastern and Western audiences.The Retrospective will exhibit 300 award-winning posters from the past 30 years. The collection will demonstrate an exploration of global cultures and styles: a selection of posters from previous international graphic design competitions (donated by partner organisations) will be shown, as well as iconic Chinese posters produced after 1978. Such curatorial blending lends a unique documentary-like characteristic to the exhibition, making it one of the most unique retrospectives to take place.
DatesThe exhibition will take place on 26 October - 26 November 2009. The exhibition will tour other cities around China following the event in Beijing.
VenueThe exhibition will take place in Underwater Corridor gallery of China's National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA). The NCPA, designed by renowned French architect Paul Andre, is a new cultural and artistic landmark at the heart of the old city of Beijing. Its modern structure and facades add vibrancy to the rapidly changing urban scenery traditionally occupied by the Great Hall of the People, Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City.NCPA's largest venue, the 2,398-seat Opera House, boasts the most advanced staging equipment. The Concert Hall, with 2019 seats, provides outstanding acoustics, whilst the drama theater, with 1035 seats, is equipped with hi-tech audio-visual equipment. Approximately 10,000 people visit the National Theatre daily; potentially, tens of thousands of visitors will come to see the works on display. NCPA is open from 8:30am to 10:30pm everyday.

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Retooling identity production in the 21st century

Despite design agencies' claim to be visual experts on identity and representational questions, contemporary realities such as cultural diversity and hybrid identities in multicultural social contexts seem to be neglected issues within the profession of identity construction and the production of representation (visual identity design, corporate design and branding).
Even though the overtly expressed search for orientation and identity by individuals, organisations and entire communities cannot be overlooked, designers and identity strategists hardly engage with the unanswered questions sheltered in contemporary hybrid society and markets. Most identity construction and visual identity production remain based on modernistic Eurocentric or neo-liberal Anglo-American methods of identity and representation although social realities have changed over time.Since the Internet started to be a vital part of consumer daily life we have experienced a worldwide hegemony of branding strategies in professional communication. This superimposed identity plays an enormous role in contemporary society mostly in the form of 'consumable identities' such as product brands, brands of services, political bodies and places, etc.Due to the vast expansion of (online) media possibilities, the production of visual identities to express, manifest and seal artificial identity constructs has increased over the past twenty five years. These constructs have become a new occidentally rooted Esperanto of global culture since they are a cross-cultural, cross-economic, cross-political, cross-religious and cross-geographical phenomenon.

Talking Design: Design And Progressive Change

Brisbane (Australia) - The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Queensland is hosting a Talking Design Public Lecture supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and the State Library of Queensland. Don Ryun Chang (Korea) and David Berman (Canada) will talk about the role of design in a changing world.

Identidade visual Havaianas - Leão de Ouro no Festival de Cannes 2009 categoria Design

Como transformar 30 cm de borracha e duas tiras,a preço médio de 8 dólares,numa marca mundial. Juntando o simples com a alegria. Exuberância com irreverência. O design com a cor. Toda manifestação da marca, seja ela na mídia que for, tem sempre na sandália o seu ponto de partida. Refletindo a cultura e a alma brasileiras,vamos formando uma identidade única. Deixando de ser uma simples sandália de borracha,para se transformar na primeira marca mundial verdadeiramente brasileira.

Ficha Técnica:

Anunciante: São Paulo Alpargatas Título: Identidade visual das Havaianas Produto: Havaianas Diretor de Criação: Marcello Serpa, Marcus SulzbacherDiretor de Arte: Marcello Serpa, Marcus Sulzbacher, Marcos Kotlhar, Danilo Boer, Bruno Prosperi, Danilo Siqueira, Sérgio Mugnaini, Renato Fernandez, Kátia La Farina, Adhemas Batista, João Linneu, Eric Benitez, Carolina AboarrageArt-buyer: Teresa Setti Produtor Gráfico: José Roberto Bezerra, Marcos Souza Atendimento: Cristina ChaconPlanejamento: José Luiz Madeira, Cintia GonçalvesMídia: Paulo CamossaAprovação: Carla Schmitzberger, Christina Assumpção