segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

Winners of the Culture Counts: UNESCO Poster Competition

Design 21 announced the winners of Culture Counts, whose posters best illustrate the notion of "rapprochement of cultures."

Reflecting the global theme of the Culture Counts competition, Design 21 received over 1,180 entries from 82 countries that creatively express the importance of exchange, dialogue and harmony between cultures.

The Overall Winner was awarded $2,000 plus an invitation from Unesco to attend the International Festival of Cultural Diversity in May 2010.

Two "D21 Judge's Picks" were handpicked to receive $500.

In addition, 47 other works will be displayed online or in a special poster exhibition at Unesco headquarters in Paris that coincides with the Festival.


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estudio unanube disse...

Hola Beto,
te conheço "de nome" da lista de design gráfico yahoogroups. Legal que voce está divulgando esta noticia. Gostaria de comentar que este ano o Brasil foi o grande vencedor, já que ademais do vencedor outros 3 brasileiros tiveram seus cartazes premiados com mençao de honor.