sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

Icograda welcomes Salman AlHajri as Friend

Salman Alhajri
Salman is an Omani lecturer at Sultan Qaboos University and, currently, a PhD candidate in Loughborough University, UK. He research on a domain of art and graphic design, graduated from University of Technology, Sydney in 2005 with a master in Design. As a researcher, Salman interested in exploring the links between the creativity and graphic design and the ways of developing creative potential of graphic design students. He is very enthusiast to engage in academic activities such as conferences, journal publishing, design competitions, and lecturing internationally about Arabic graphic design practices. In design he interested in practicing in Arabic Calligraphy design, web design, and publications design, therefore, he have participated in many international exhibitions, workshops, and artistic activities. Presently he performs various art and design experiments using several approaches such as photography, painting, drawing, digital printmaking, and digital design.


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