quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010


Istanbul (Turkey) - From 26 April - 16 May 2010, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University will host Grafist 14, the 14th International Istanbul Graphic Design Week. This Icograda-endorsed event has been organised annually since 1997 by the school's Fine Arts Faculty, Graphic Design Department, in collaboration with GMK/The Turkish Society of Graphic Designers.

The International İstanbul Graphic Desing Week is an educational activity organised to create a rich arena for the interactive sharing of works and their results. During the week, internationally-known foreign and Turkish graphic designers, as well as both foreign and Turkish students, to come together through activities such as seminars, workshops and exhibitions and evaluate and discuss their design criteria and visions.

More: http://www.grafist.org/

quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

World Urban Campaign Logo Competition winners announced

San Francisco (United States)
- It is with great pleasure and excitement that the jurors announce the winners of the World Urban Campaign Logo Competition, an Icograda-endorsed award scheme.

The jury deliberated the merits of the entries until they felt confident that they had found a logo that not only fully embodied the World Urban Campaign and its mission, but also one that would serve the functional and pragmatic applications of a global initiative comprised of many partners, cultures and languages.

First Place goes to João Borges of Portugal (see image above). He was awarded the prize of USD $5000 at the closing ceremony of the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro Brazil on 26 March 2010 and his logo will represent the World Urban Campaign.

More: www.worldurbancampaign-logo.org

Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design

Montreal (Canada)
- Icograda is introducing its newest initiative, Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research. Advancing Icograda's strategic aim of supporting the development of design education (theory, practice, and research), Iridescent is an online journal fulfilling the vision of the Icograda Design Education Manifesto.

"The concept of a journal was first raised when the Icograda Education Network (IEN) was founded in 2002 at a meeting in Brno, Czech Republic," explains Russell Kennedy, Icograda President. "Today, the IEN includes 77 member institutions from 34 countries, and Iridescent will become a key platform to share the research generated by this network and encourage its continued development."

About Iridescent

Iridescent is a peer-reviewed publication, inviting scholars worldwide to submit innovative design research. Its aim is to make emerging work available to a broad international audience, establishing a benchmark for design research in the process. Themes will be introduced throughout each two-year term. Research will be reviewed as received and published online continuously.

"By publishing work in any of the six official languages of the United Nations (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic), our hope is that Iridescent will introduce design research that may not currently have a voice in the international design discourse." says Omar Vulpinari, Icograda Vice President who leads the Education portfolio. "We want to inspire and encourage new and unconventional approaches to research across all design disciplines." The Iridescent identity, developed by David Lancashire Design, was developed to reflect this inclusive approach.

The inaugural content of the journal includes papers presented at the Education Conference held during Xin: Icograda World Design Congress 2009 in Beijing, China. Expanding on these papers exploring the current state of design education, two additional themes have been opened for future submissions:
  • Design education
  • Defining the value of design
  • Sustainability

A selection of papers published in each two-year term will be curated as a printed volume. The first printed edition will be presented at the Icograda General Assembly 24 in Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) as part of the 2011 IDA Congress.

Editorial Board and Advisory Panel

Iridescent will be stewarded by an Editorial Board, headed by Max Bruinsma internationally respected design critic, editor and curator, and an Advisory Panel. "The response to our call for interest to participate in shaping Iridescent was exceptional and our inaugural Editorial Board and Advisory Panel represents not only academic leadership but the diverse cultural backgrounds that make Icograda's network unique," adds Vulpinari. "We are grateful for the commitment that this group has made on behalf of our Council."

Editorial Board (2009-2011):
  • Max Bruinsma (the Netherlands)
  • Rotating guest editors

Advisory Panel (2009-2011):
  • Audrey G. Bennett (United States)
  • Sherry Blankenship (United States)
  • Halim Choueiry (Lebanon)
  • Renzo di Renzo (Italy)
  • Susan King Roth (United States)
  • Ruth Klotzel (Brazil)
  • Ellen Lupton (United States)
  • Simon McIntyre (Australia)
  • Iraj Mirza Alikhani (Iran)
  • Leila Musfy (Lebanon)
  • Paul Nini (United States)
  • Danne Ojeda (Singapore)
  • Ladan Rezai (Iran)
  • Sasha Sankova (Russia)
  • Ajanta Sen (India)
  • Karel van der Waarde (Belgium)
  • Ria van Zyl (South Africa)
  • Veronique Vienne (France)
  • Omar Vulpinari (Italy)
  • Yong Xiao (China)
  • Evert Ypma (Switzerland)

Call for submissions

Iridescent invites researchers and scholars from all design disciplines to submit their papers and essays. Papers may be submitted in any of the six United Nations languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian but must include an English language abstract. Iridescent follows a double blind peer review process.

To learn more about Iridescent and how to submit, visit: http://iridescent.icograda.org