quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2008

Sustainable Design Forum / London

Want to have your say on the future direction of sustainable design standards?

Does your company demonstrate best practice in environmentally conscious design?

Know which standards can help your products meet potential future regulations on ecodesign?

Attend this FREE 1-Day BSI British Standards Forum to learn how to manage sustainable design more effectively, and to have your say in shaping the direction the UK should take in regard to future standardization in sustainable design.

There is a growing focus on sustainable design within the design community and more widely amongst manufacturers and service providers.
New directives and regulations are currently being implemented in the UK which will place specific eco-design obligations on designers across the product lifecycle.

Another significant driver is the potential cost savings for manufacturers - sustainable product design can lower costs across the whole manufacturing process.

Setting Standards for Sustainable Design will communicate good practice in environmentally conscious design and identify priorities for development.

Feedback from this forum will be used to inform standards output in this area.

More: www.bsigroup.com/en/Training-and-Conferences/About-conferences/UK-conferences/SustainableDesign/

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