segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2008

Sustainable Brands Conference 2008

The global move toward innovation for sustainability is alive and well, and leading companies big and small are capitalizing on this new opportunity to build sales and brand equity.How can you join their ranks?Join a vibrant mix of top brand leaders, leaders in product design and innovation, sustainability executives and the network of experts who support them, in the world-renowned setting of the Northern California Coast.Meet like-minded executives while examining the underlying issues, hard choices, and proven success stories of those at the forefront of creating profitable change for sustainability.
You'll find a world-class speaker roster, inspirational stories, best practices, and networking with like-minded professionals in a business friendly, collaborative learning environment.In-depth sessions help you understand market trends, update your products and operational strategies, improve internal communications, and strengthen customer affinity for your brand.If you seek to be part the next wave of innovation for the 21st century, SB'08 is the one learning opportunity of the year you can't afford to miss.

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