sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2008

COLLABOR8: Sustainable Graphic Design Across Cultural Boundaries

Sydney (Australia) - On 28 April, the latest edition of Creative Waves went live. COLLABOR8 is an eight-week long fully online education non-profit initiative that aims to establish a basis for collaborative online art and design projects between universities in Australia and China.

Design students from Australia and China will join forces for eight weeks, with project convenors, teachers and special guests worldwide, to work collaboratively within a fully online learning environment. Participants will form valuable connections with colleagues in Australia and China, receiving regular feedback and support from peers, teachers and established professionals, using the internet as their sole communication tool.
COLLABOR8 is about creating awareness about the importance of cross cultural design practice and sustainability in design. It will do this by challenging students to work together to design graphics for contemporary, environmentally friendly and sustainable ceramics, textiles, products and environments.

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