sexta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2009

Packaging a Sustainable Future

Packaging has become one of the hottest environmental issues in recent years.From being an apparently innocuous and functional part of a product, with nostalgic associations for many of us, it has been transformed into a controversial component of the marketing process -one which is increasingly required to justify its existence.We have all started to wonder if products have too much packaging so here are some brilliant examples of what manufacturers are doing about it.Resolving the vital role of packaging with its impact on our world is at the heart of this important new exhibition at London's Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising.Drawing on the museum's extensive collection, the exhibition explains the importance of packaging, how it has developed over the years, the serious challenges it now presents, and how manufacturers, retailers and designers are working together to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach.The exhibition includes innovative solutions from around the world to show what the future of packaging holds in store.

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Elisa disse...

Sem conhecer o nosso passado, não chegaremos a soluções melhores no futuro. Iniciativas como deste museu ajuda em muito o desenvolvimento de novas embalagens que tenham um menor impacto no meio ambiente. Aprendemos com nossos erros e nossos acertos. Valeu pela dica!