terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2009

International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont

Chaumont (France) - Icograda is pleased to endorse the twentieth annual International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont, from 16 May - 14 June 2009.

Each year, an increasing number of students, professionals and general public come to the Chaumont Festival to discover the best in contemporary French and international creations and to pay homage to a key figure in the history of graphic design.The Festival focuses on diversity of content, and presents the colorful reality of graphic design by comparing and contrasting works produced in various studios and workshops on an international scale.A highlight of the Festival will be the exhibition of 100-120 posters, selected from the International Poster Competition 2009. Designers, studios, institutions and companies from all over the world are invited to submit printed posters created within the past three years with cultural, social, political or commercial themes. The deadline for submission is 20 February 2009.

More: www.chaumont-graphisme.com/en/avantpropos.php

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