quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2009

'Look for Designers'

The Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA), a Professional Member of Icograda, has recently launched the publication 'Look for Designers: Your Design Partners to Increasing Business Competitiveness'.

In light of the recent global shift to design as a high value-added production strategy, this book acts as a guide for Hong Kong businesses looking to hire designers to increase effectiveness. Incorporating the work and contact information of over 80 local design talents, this book is also a directory for companies to identify their suitable design partner.Hong Kong businesses have been facing certainchallenges in recent years. Low value-added production strategies are no longer enough for businesses to remain competitive. Historically, many high performing economies have shifted their focus to the creative industries in order to help create high value-added products and services locally and maintain their competitive edge.In order for Hong Kong to continue leading as an important high value-added economy in Asia, 'Look for Designers' remarks that it is essential for this country's economy to concentrate on design. To support Hong Kong's transformation, businesses must learn to use design services effectively, while designers must also learn to provide effective services to businesses.

More: www.icograda.org/news/year/2009_news/articles1426.htm

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