quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2009

Feature: Creativity? Pursuit of Change

Carole GuevinOriginally published in July 2004 for www.designinflight.com, this article by netdiver editor, Carole Guevin, reflects on the importance of creativity in dealing with global challenges in a way that is still quite pertinent today.
Creativity is the capacity to evaluate, organise, deconstruct, interpret and synthesise chaos. The result? Assigning a systemically simple well-packaged new proposal to a problem.Creatives definedCreative people are often the last resort 'descramblers'. They can sort contradicting or problematic information all the while letting their supercharged imagination glide over the mess. Most of the time, they have a springy attitude carrying their assignment with pure childlike delight. They feed and soar on the 'gravity' of problems. They shine their true best in the worst of situations. They get enthused over the smallest sparks! They see a magnificent cathedral-like solution in a few significant strokes.

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