quarta-feira, 10 de junho de 2009

Leonardo Glass Cube

With a distinctive corporate architecture as an interface between client and brand, companies today manage to convey an image and enhance their branding – set in stone, steal or glass – through outstanding achievements in construction. When a corporate philosophy is expressed through symbolic architecture and by setting new quality standards in building culture, there is often more to it than meets the eye. Many companies consciously use the art of architecture as a tool, not only for their outward but above all for their inward image, in order to create an ideal work environment for their employees.The Glass Cube for Leonardo is both a showroom and an inspiring workplace for employees, designers and product developers alike. Its design concept combines architecture, landscape design, as well as interior and graphic design into a complex aesthetic entity which, through a wavelike spatial structure, creates a futuristic atmosphere and ambiance for various exhibition arrangements. Due to an open floor plan layout the different functional areas integrate into one another; paths connect to presentation zones, meeting rooms to relaxation lounges. With the consistent organic design of its glass front, the Glass Cube is a transparent signifier and, above all, an aesthetic eye-catcher.

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