quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009

Design is No Coincidence

Not afraid of innovation, students from Salford University's Design Studies Cluster have taken a fresh approach to "the final show." The 41 students have worked together to conceive and develop a campaign titled "Design Is No Coincidence" to place themselves, and their unique courses, in the shop window.Incorporating a quality print book, a website and a forthcoming exhibition at the Sterling Prize-winning Centenary Building, it's an ambitious showcase of multidisciplinary work from those graduating in Design Management for the Creative Industries, Journalism and Design Studies and Design Futures.Yet this well-crafted project is also impressive due to the funding behind it being secured by the students themselves: perhaps a particularly impressive feat given the current economic climate."This project challenges those about to graduate to stop thinking like students and start functioning like industry professionals," says Roy Chilvers, the Lecturer leading the project."To finance all their ambitious components required them to identify high-calibre partners, meet with them, and convince them that their respective brands would benefit from being associated with the themes of innovation, boldness and the development of the Twin Cities as a creative hub.

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