quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009

17 International Lahti Poster Biennial

Lahti (Finland) - An unparalleled number of entries were submitted for the 17 International Lahti Poster Biennial. Nearly 2 600 posters from 49 countries around the world were offered for this year's exhibition, exceeding the number of posters submitted for the 2007 event by more than 1 000. The great number of posters sent from Iran, China, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), Japan and Poland and their high general standard is worth noting. New participating countries include New Zealand and United Arab Emirates. Young graphic designers from various parts of the world have shown a great interest in the environmental posters category. On the other hand, the number of commercial posters offered for the show has decreased compared with previous biennial exhibitions.The competition committee of the Lahti Poster Biennial has chosen 252 posters to be displayed in the exhibition. The criteria emphasised in the selection process included topicality, high-quality visual design, seeking new ways of expression and multicultural tendencies, which have always been central issues in Lahti Poster Biennial.The 17 International Lahti Poster Biennial, organised by Poster Museum, Lahti, Grafia ry and Poster Friends, will be on display from 14 June - 27 September 2009 at the Lahti Art Museum. There are two categories in the exhibition. The general category includes social and ideological posters, commercial posters and cultural posters. In addition, there is a special category for environmental posters in the exhibition.Michal Batory (France), Vladimir Chaika (Russia), Bruno Monguzzi (Switzerland), Antti Raudaskoski (Finland) and David Tartakover (Israel) have been invited as members of the International Jury to select the prize winning posters. Grand Prix, Grafia Prix, Lauri Tarasti prize, 2nd Prize and certificates of honour will be granted in the exhibition.

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