quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2008

Seoul Design Olympiad 2008,

Seoul (South Korea) - The Seoul Design Olympiad 2008, an Icograda endorsed event, is a world design festival organised by Seoul Metropolitan Government to enhance and promote Seoul as the center of world design. It consists of Seoul Design Conference, Seoul Design Exhibition, Seoul Design Festival and Seoul Design Competition.
Call for papers: Seoul Design ConferenceThe city of Seoul invites design professionals to present their papers at the first Seoul Design Conference. Eligible entries are design-related papers (oral or poster presentation) that show significant, original and previously unpublished cases and research. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 24 July 2008.
An international conference has been organized to discuss the role of design in future urban life for Designers, educators, city planners, and diverse experts in the design industries. Discussion will center on design expandability, convergence, sustainability, spirituality and flow.

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