quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2008

EIDD Design for All Europe

Bologna (Italy) - EIDD Design for All Europe, an Icograda endorsed awards scheme, has extended its deadline for entries to 22 September 2008.

With an easier submission process, offices, studios, agencies, freelances and students working in the sectors of graphic design and visual communications in general (including street artists, advertisers etc.) are eligible to take part.EIDD invites submissions of posters, institutional videos and guerrilla marketing tools dedicated to capturing the differing perception of its work in the field of Design for All, i.e. design for social inclusion, all over the world and applying it for promotional purposes.
The award scheme comprises three categories. Each participant may enter for all three categories, but only one entry per category is allowed. The possibility of a form of co-ordination between entries presented for the three categories is not a necessary criterion.

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