sexta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2008

Imagine IT! 2nd edition

Bologna (Italy) - On 28-29 November 2008, the Design Center in Bologna will present the second edition of Imagine iT, dedicated this year to the theme Design for All.

Imagine iT is a two-day international conference, presenting 20 speakers from nine different nations, organised by the Design Center Bologna and Typevents Italy, with the patronage of EIDD Design for All Europe.This year's second edition of the conference, dedicated to the theme Design for All, aims to define the phrase "Good design enables, bad design disables." This means that every human aspect in society should be included through the appropriate design, i.e. physical, cultural and psychological diversity.
Design for all, in fact, is design honouring human diversity, its inclusion in society and its equality. This innovative and holistic approach is an ethic challenge, as well as of creative and commercial importance for entrepreneurs, decision makers in private and public entities, and designers.

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