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David Gibson: "Finding the Hidden Logic"

Two Twelve's co-founder, David Gibson, embraces a user-centered approach to helping people through complex environments. In an interview with the Society for Environmental Graphic Design, David looks at his approach to wayfinding and design, based on his past education, experiences and interests.2009 SEGD Fellow David Gibson, co-founder and managing principal of Two Twelve, is internationally respected for his thoughtful, user-centered approach to information design. In his new book, The Wayfinding Handbook: Information Design for Public Places, David shares his insights about finding the "hidden logic" in complex wayfinding situations.

An educator and advocate of the value of design for the public good, David has lectured at universities and design events worldwide. Within the past year he has been featured in The New York Times and Metropolis magazine, and well as on BusinessWeek's Innovation and Design Channel. He is a two-time past president and board member of SEGD and also served on AIGA's national board.

When did you first discover design?
I was 17 when Expo67 was held in my hometown of Montreal. It turned me on to this whole new world of creating special places using color, image, type, graphics, and media. I was dazzled by the work of people like Moshe Safdie, Buckminster Fuller, and Chermayeff and Geismar. I had a resident passport to this World's Fair and must have gone 50 times.

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