segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2009

Winner of Greenpeace Design Awards 2009

Greenpeace and the University of South Australia announced the winner of the Greenpeace Design Awards 2009.

The winner is Sam Dickson whose design was chosen from over 1,500 entries.

In second place was Denis Popenkov, and third place was Spencer Harrison.

Greenpeace Head of Fundraising Chris Washington-Sare said, "On behalf of Greenpeace and the panel of judges, I'd like to congratulate the winner and two finalists for their excellent designs.

"Creation and innovation are very important in environmental campaigning, and we were pleased to collaborate with the international creative community on the Greenpeace Design Awards.

"Thanks to everyone who entered the awards and for your dedication, hard work and talent," he said.

The entries were assessed by an expert panel of judges working in the fields of graphic design, illustration, photography, visual communication and trend navigation.

Greenpeace was also represented on the panel.

Hosted by Greenpeace Australia Pacific in conjunction with UniLife Inc. and the University of South Australia, the international awards were created to help raise awareness of environmental issues through innovation and creativity.

The brief was to design a poster that delivers the message "Be a Part of the Action," in recognition of the role of peaceful direct action in Greenpeace campaigns.

Over 1,500 people entered from 77 countries worldwide.


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