sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2009

2009 Taiwan International Design Competition

Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) - Icograda is pleased to endorse the 2009 Taiwan International Design Competition.
In response to contemporary design phenomena as well as other global issues this competition will be operating under the theme of "Restore". Through this theme, TIDC hopes to explore design as a tool to create new opportunities and restore the world back to its prosperous state.Since its inception in 2002, the TIDC has become one the most prestigious and authoritative design competitions in Asia. It is not only a futuristic design competition open to creative talents worldwide, but also aimed at encouraging design interactions and international cultural exchanges.
In order to further trigger the creativity of young students, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has cooperated with the Ministry of Education i planning an expansion of the competition scope since 2008.TIDC 2009 consists of two main sections, both operating under the same theme. The 'general' section is open to designers, design educators and design students of all ages. Participants who are interested in submitting their work under the general section of TIDC are required to design pieces that fit within the product design category. The 'student' section is open to design students under the age of 26 who may submit pieces under product design, visual design and/or digital animation.

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