sexta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2008

When design meets management

In this interview from the Hong Kong Designers Association's publication Xpress, Chloe Tang interviews design management consultant Edith Lee on the importance of good design management for the success of a design firm and for the promotion of design.
Two years ago I met Edith Lee by chance through work. What first impressed me was that Edith studied Design Management. I immediately felt interested and thought, "what is Design Management? Is it a left-brain and right-brain competition? Where can people study this discipline? Why pursue this study? How to use logical thinking to lead emotional creation? How is it helpful to designers? Will it hamper the creative process?" With the opportunity to cover this topic for Xpress, Edith answered all my questions. In Hong Kong, while our design industry is well-developed compared to other Asian countries, design management is still at a starting stage, still shaping itself.

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