quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2008

9th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design

São Paulo (Brasil) - Organised by Icograda Professional member AGD Brasil, the 9th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design will assert the organisation's role as a major vehicle for public dissemination of contemporary thinking on national design.
The Biennial is an open space for reflection and development of design. This year's edition will search for expressions of contemporary trends and languages in Brazilian design.Deadline for entriesThe deadline for registration of entries has been extended until 27 September, 2008. Designers should submit original work, from which specially selected will chose the final pieces.The pre-selection results will be published on 10 October, 2008, and the final selection will be exhibited online on 10 November, 2008.
More: AGD Brasil website (in Portuguese).

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