quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2008


This poster was designed for the "One Globe One Flag" International Poster Exhibition in Jakarta, 2007.

The aim of 'One Globe One Flag' International Poster Exhibition is to raise the level of awareness in the importance of togetherness in overcoming multi-dimensional problems in the world.The globe and flag are physical attributes in universal symbolism that posses implicit meaning.
'One Globe One Flag' is a concept that respects international social, cultural and geographical diversity in order to give birth to a series of interpretations that imply enthusiasm, aspirations and awareness in order to create a better world-together.
Born 1981 in Tehran, Hossein has been a graphic designer since 1999. After receiving his Diploma in Graphic Design in 2001, he joined the IGDS. Hossein has been worked with the Azadegan Advertising Center, the Iran International Exhibition Co (2001-2003), the Kadre Sabz Graphic Atelier (2004), the Modabberan Advertising Co. and the Tarh Negar Advertising Co.

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